Why do you Need Dog Identity Tags

Whosoever it was that said ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ was a very wise man indeed! Pets do have a way of making one’s life more cheerful. The love that one receives from one’s pet- German shepherd or Golden Retriever or your Siamese cat is unconditional and incomparable. This is the reason why the very thought of losing a pet sends a shiver down the spine of all pet lovers.

Importance of Pet ID Tag

Dogs are playful by nature. There may be times when your dog will stay on to the street or run away from your home. It is in this scenario that a dog identity tag comes in useful. If your pet dog goes missing while wearing an ID tag with your contact details, there is a good chance that he may be returned to you. Buying an ID tag for your dog may seem like a dull chore, seeing as the designs are mostly repetitive and old, but do not put off this task.

If you don’t want your precious pet wearing the same boring pet ID tag that does not suit his personality, spend some time looking for funky and personalized designs that are available in abundance these days.

Advantages of an ID Tag

The laws for most countries state that a pet in a public place should always be wearing an ID tag or collar. So, one advantage of making your pet wear a tag would be that you are following the law. More than that, however, it is the fact that an ID tag with your contact information will come in handy, if you’re pet goes missing or gets lost. Ensure that your dog’s ID tag has your name, address and postcode on it. Also, include your telephone and mobile number. If your dog is chipped, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have ‘I’m Chipped’ written on the collar as well. The chances of a stranger finding your dog and returning him to you will then increase considerably.

Dog Tags Today

Nowadays, the range of trendy dog identity tags that are available in the market can almost double up as fashion accessories for your dog! Gone are the days of boring black ID tags. The market these days is full of engraved, funky, colorful and even personalized tags and collars. From a military style camouflage collar to one with the Union Jack on it, the options for dog collars are various. Recently, personalized engravings on tags and collars have also become a huge hit. A lot of people, especially females, prefer their dog’s tags personalized with things like beads.

Not just the design but even the old oval shape of your collar can be changed now. Collars nowadays can be circular, rectangular or even heart shaped. Most tags these days are sturdy and waterproof, so that they last a long time. They also come with additional features and designs however; their basic utility remains the same.


As any responsible pet owner will tell you, having a dog identity tags for your pet is very important. So, if your dog still doesn’t have one, go out and buy him a nice tag from the wide variety available in the market.

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