What You Need To Know About Rash Guards


A rash guard is a tee-shirt style swim top. Typically they were worn by surfers to safeguard their chests from surfboard wax, which is disturbing to the skin, buy they’ve gained prominence for the average beach-goer as well. They are typically made of nylon and spandex which makes them lightweight, fast-drying and anti-bacterial.

The material is also very tightly woven so that it can keep more of the sun’s dangerous radiation away from the skin. A swim shirt differentiates from a rash guard in that a swim shirt tends to fit more loosely. Many swim shirts and rash guards offer a UV protection factor of 50+, which is the highest possible rating.

The sun protection is more crucial than ever. Bad ultraviolet radiation is reaching the earth in greater quantities than ever before because the ozone layer is becoming depleted and is no longer able to block out those rays. This means that more cases of skin cancer are occurring than ever before. Every year across the world 2 to 3 million cases of skin cancer happen. In fact, one in every three cancer cases is skin cancer, thus it is very crucial to have protective measures to lessen your risk of developing it.

Fortunately, skin cancer is positively preventable. You must always wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. In addition, you must be careful that many pieces of lightweight summer clothing have a UPF of as little as 5. That makes a sun protective rash guard or swim shirt a great choice. It gives you the relaxation and convenience of a tee-shirt with an enough UPF to keep your skin safe during a day out in the sun. Always keep in mind that the more skin that is covered, the better off you are.

Rash guards can be bought with long or short sleeves. They have wide arrays of styles and designs that are right for men, women, and children alike. This kind of swimwear makes for great comfort and self-defense on the beach when paired with trunks or board shorts and a hat. They really are the best alternativewith regards to sun protective swimwear because of how much of the body is shaded from the sun.

Call to mind that wearing a rash guard does not guaranteeyou will not need to use sunscreen anymore. You should always apply sunscreen to any area of your body that is uncovered by your mens rash guards or swimsuit. A rash guard is a great addition to your beachwear and sun protection regimen.


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