What are those crazy shades?

When you walk down the street its not hard to be turning your head left and right at what some people are wearing on their faces. Foregoing everything else that people are wearing these days, sunglasses have become a major fashion statement. From shades that cover most of someone’s face, to some crazy pairs, its all out there. But one of our favorites that is guaranteed to turn heads are Oakley X-Metals!

X-Metals became a favorite among sunglasses collectors because of their insane designs and high quality. Starting off with just traditional sunglasses designs, Oakley began producing X-metals that were lightweight and thinner than anything else on the market! As time went on, and Oakley founder Jim Jannard gained creativity, the designed got wackier.

What’s referred to as the Mad Scientist era at Oakley, garnered in a period where wackier was better. The Mad Scientist of course referred to Jim Jannard, who was always looking to push the limits of current sunglasses technology.


One of the prime examples of this era are the Oakley Over the Top’s featuring a post apocalyptic over the head design and startling circular lenses, if your bold enough to wear them into public, you will be sure to turn heads. What most likely started as a joke inside Oakley, has now transformed into a cult classic. Demanding prices into the thousands of dollar at auction, collectors snatch these up at every opportunity.

Another favorite of X-Metal fiends is the Oakley Juliet. A full frame Oakley with a classic design features bold colored lenses When closed the Juliet’s silhouette features Oakley’s featured O, on its folded ear stems!

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