Unlock The Power Of Your Sugar Portal: Three Add-Ons For Greater Flexibility

grafica_radar5SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM portals on the market, and with millions of users around the world, there are plenty of developers who are coming up with new and useful add-ons for the Sugar portal.  From very general add-ons, like EchoSign to more personalized add-ons, there is are a ton of things to choose from.  If you are a business owner and you are currently using Sugar to monitor and maintain your customer relationships, then there are several different add-ons that you should consider using to make your Sugar portal even more powerful that you may not have thought about incorporating.


Companies that do not have a large accounting department generally use Quickbooks to handle their accounting needs.  Quickbooks can manage inventory, issue invoices and track every penny that the company spends and receives.  With the integration of Quickbooks into your Sugar portal, taking care of billing and customer issues is easier than ever before.  Now you can create and import invoices from Quickbooks into Sugar, and every time you create a new customer data sheet, that information is automatically updated in the Quickbooks module.  If you want a good way to manage your cash inflow/outflow, the integrated Quickbooks support is essential for your business.


In every sales team there are those people who try really hard, but cannot make their sales quotas no matter what they do.  Sometimes these people just need a little help and guidance to take them to the next level, and TOM Pro is just the module to make that happen.  TOM Pro gives advice about which tasks should be carried out, in which order, based on the assessment about how solid the sales opportunity is.  No longer will your employees spend time on sales leads that are never going to go anywhere; now they can spend more time on the sales calls that are the most likely to translate into revenue for the company.  TOM Pro is like a mentor for your sales staff, and even the most seasoned people on your team will find something that they can learn from the TOM Pro module.


Keeping track of employee time and billable hours is difficult under the best circumstances, but the Timesheets module for Sugar helps to make the process a little easier.  Instead of trusting your employees to keep accurate records of what they do and when they do it, Timesheets monitors all of their activity for the day, week or month.  Employees can accurately clock in and out with Timesheets, cutting down on the work that human resources has to do when they are making out checks.  In addition, Timesheets is a fantastic way to monitor billable hours.  Now when your employees are working on a project or they are helping a customer with something that is considered a billable hour, the employee can just log into Sugar, load the Timesheets module and start billing the client directly.  There is no need to worry about lost time cards or inaccurate numbers when your employees are using Timesheets.

There are a lot of things that you can add to Sugar to make it work better for you, but these are three of the most important add-ons.  The inclusion of these add-ons will make your business rum more smoothly and help you generate more revenue and higher profits.

I am Lance Dunham and I have been a business owner for three years.  I started using SugarCRM in 2012, and I instantly fell in love with it, but I had a hard time with creating a good system for billing client hours that my employees worked.  A couple of months ago I ran across a way to monitor SugarCRM time, Timesheets, available at https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/addons/timesheets.  Now my employees are keeping up with their billables much easier, and my company is making more money than ever before.  I highly recommend Timesheets if you are using Sugar.


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