Things to see when you get hit by a car in the sidewalk

The sidewalk is the place where all the pedestrian walk to avoid the accident. However, there might be some cases where the vehicle’s driver was careless and they hit you with their vehicle while you are walking on the sidewalk.

There are chances that you might face some serious injury in such cases. You can surely get a lawyer and sue the driver. However, there are certain things you can do that will get you all the money in the claim. You can follow the given tips when you met with a sidewalk accident.

Clicking photos

It might occur that the driver was drunk and in such cases, they don’t wat for too long. Just as they hit you, they will go away in order to avoid the penalties. You must click the photos of the card to help identify the car and hence sue them. You can also check out the CCTV footage if there are any. You can just note the time and see what time the accident happens.

Going with any lawyer

Many people do this mistake of going with any lawyer. Instead, you should go with the lawyer that has the expertise in handling the sidewalk cases. You must see if they have dealt with any of the similar cases before. You can go with Fisher & Talwar, as they are the best lawyer in the town. Moreover, you can check out the work they have done, you will be amazed to see the results they bring. Also, if you are not sure whether you can sue the driver or not, you can just request them a free consultation. They will provide a 100% free consultation. You can easily get the answer to all your queries using this.


Medical help

First, you should check out the medical help. When there is an accident, you should first contact the nearest doctor and get medical help as soon as possible. There might be some injuries that might increase which you might be knowing about. Therefore, it is critical to get medical help.

Do not worry about the cost, you will get all the expense back as a claim when you finally file a lawsuit. So, you should get medical help by calling the nearest hospital. Meanwhile, you are in the hospital, you can ask your friends or the person you know to contact the lawyer and discuss the case with them.

Many of the people don’t go the lawyer and just ignore the case. You shouldn’t do this and go legal against the driver. You will get the expenses of any of the damage to yourself or your belongings. Moreover, if the injury was big, you will also get the lost wages and the salary when you were in the hospital and were not able to go to work. Therefore, you must follow all the tips when you met with an accident on the sidewalk and you will get all the money back as a claim.


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