The Specialized Surgical Placement of Patients before Surgery

If you are involved in the health care field, and particularly in surgery, you will know just how important it is to make sure patients are positioned properly. If they are not in the right position, it could affect the outcome of their surgery quite tremendously. In fact, the slightest shift during surgery could lead to devastating consequences. This includes:


  • Muscle strain
  • Significant dips or rises in blood pressure
  • Nerve damage
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Excess bleeding
  • Cardiac problems
  • Death

This is why those who are involved in the field of surgery are so keen on finding the best possible surgical positioners. This literally could mean the difference between life and death. Surgery is designed to improve somebody’s quality of life and while there are always risks associated with medical procedures, these risks should never be caused by something as simple as proper positioning.

It is possible to purchase specific medical positioners designed to isolate specific parts of the body. For instance, it is possibly to purchase extremity positioners, neck and head positioners or torso positioners. These are all designed to immobilize a certain part of the patient’s body so that the surgeon is able to gain access to the part they need to treat, without having to worry of a patient moving in any way. There are also other operating room positioning tools that are less focuses on full immobilization, but that are equally important. These include things like rectangles, wedges, straps and more. All of them serve a common purpose, however, which is to place and keep a patient in a position that allows the doctors to safely access the area that has to be operated on.

There are also pediatric immobilizers, as well as other specialized positioning devices. These have been designed specifically to treat young children, including babies and even premature babies. These can help to complete various types of pediatric examinations. They have been designed to make sure a child is in a safe, immobile positioning during a procedure. However, they are also designed to make the child more comfortable. Generally speaking, any more complex positioning devices will be used once the child has been put under general anesthetic, so as not to panic them.

Finally, there are gel positioners. These are the latest and most innovative types of positioning devices available on the market today and they are revolutionizing the way surgery is performed. Gel positioners offer extended comfort that is also very flexible. They also come with a range of different accessories that even further improve the workings of the various positioning devices, including sand bags, compression devices, Velcro safety straps and beanbag immobilizers.

In the field of surgical positioning, it is absolutely vital to find the tools that are the most comfortable and the safest of all. These devices are designed to increase patient comfort and safety, but they are equally important for the surgeon, who is better able to access the specific areas comfortably, allowing them to better perform their procedures.

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