The European league

UEFA champions leagueThe European League also known as the UEFA champions league is one of the most popular, annually and continental football competitions organized by the UEFA. The history of this league is as far back as 1990 s and then it involves some of the top football clubs in Europe. The event is viewed by millions of fans and considered as one of the most prestigious events in the global sports arena. The finals of the league in 2011 is officially known as the highest viewed in the league’s history and it also happened to be the most viewed annual sport items in the globe in that particular year. There were about 178.7 million viewers in the television according to the reports. Football fans from around the world get together to view these amazing matches and they sure are full of excitement till the end of each game. The cup given to the winners in this game is known as the European cup and you would be able to find a list of all the past winners on the internet. There is also a website that is dedicated to this event and you would be able to find a lot of interesting information about the games and be up to date on the game schedules in the future so that you could be ready with the popcorn and the office leaves and stuff. There are several stages of this cup and if you are an avid fan of football you may already be aware of all of them and how it works. The strong leagues nowadays can go up to five teams. The first stages as mentioned before start somewhere in the middle of July and it goes with three knock outs and one play off round. There are eight winners and runners up that enter the final knock out round and that is when the game starts getting really interesting and spicy. The winner of the cup then qualifies for the super cup and after that to the final FIFA club world cup. To mention the names of one of the most successful clubs in the history of this competition, it is none other than the great Real Madrid which had memories upon memories in the long history of the club. They have managed to become the victors nine times and their victories were simply marvellous. The Spanish clubs in share the pride of having won the most number of matches in the past and interesting enough, showing the intensity of the game itself, no club has been able to become consecutive victors after the year of 1992. They’re a lot of fun facts about this league that you could find on the internet and there are a lot of sites of the clubs where you would be able to find more about the players and about their hard training and more. It is indeed one of the most exciting events in the world and you could find a lot more things about the league in the blogs and forums separated from them.

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