The Best Practices to Help Improve your Network Security

Unfortunately, network security breaches are not uncommon, and they can happen to a business of any size or nature. Improving the security of your corporate network should be a top priority, and it shouldn’t be something that’s taken lightly.

We’ve listed some of the best practices below for doing just that, to hopefully help your company avoid any big disasters that could otherwise have been avoided.

Begin with the basics

Setting up a secure business network isn’t always easy, so it’s important to do lots of research to help you get to grips with the different aspects and elements you’ll need to cover. Starting with the basics is a good idea – you should put the following in place immediately – encrypted pages, virus protection, and password security for email, network sites and documents. Ensure all members of staff follow these basic steps too, so that no one is leaving your network vulnerable to potential intruders.

Understand where your vulnerabilities lie

After you’ve applied some of the most basic network security measures, it’s recommend that you really examine your existing measures (if any) and evaluate what it is that will require the most protection, as well as where any vulnerabilities lie. This could be anything from software or hardware problems, to inadequate training for your staff members. This video highlights just how much of a risk improper staff training can be, as human error accounts for the majority of security breaches in the work place.

Evaluate the different options available

While it can feel like a difficult task to keep up to date with new, current network security options, it’s vital that you do regularly keep your eyes peeled for emerging solutions and technologies. Do lots of reading and research online and look into as many companies as possible.

Monitor the situation regularly

Updating your security systems won’t be enough to guarantee a secure network. You’ll need to regularly monitor the situation so that you can actually evaluate how well your measures are working for you. It will be the best way to determine if you need to make changes too, and whether you can get away with making small, simple changes, or if you’ll need to do a complete redo instead.

Look into third party options

If you don’t feel that a member of your team has the capacity to take on such an important role, there’s always the good option of hiring someone to take care of your network security measures for you. This individual will have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your security is as safe as possible, and it will mean that you can rest assured knowing that your network is being looked after without slowing down your business’s development. Look into Security Solutions from Dell for example, who will be able to take care of everything for you.

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