How to make a watch more valuable before selling it

A watch of any age can be sold for a lot of money as long as it is in excellent condition. If not, its owner might not be paid the asking price. When the decision has been made to sell watches, the following should be considered so that the highest price is paid for it: Have it serviced A watch must be serviced before it is sold. When a watch is serviced, any underlying faults are resolved. Any scratches that are on a watch’s casing can also be fixed. If a watch isn’t serviced, Read more [...]

The Advantages Of Watching History Acted Out

There are places where you can go and see history acted out. This might be at a historical re-enactment, a renaissance fair or at a castle. It can be worth taking a look to see when events like this are happening near to where you live because you will then be able to go along and see one for yourself. It can be great to see this happen for a number of reasons. It can be educational, fun and entertaining all at the same time, which can be a great thing for all of the family to do together and to Read more [...]

What Happens When Your Horse Develops Equine Arthritis?

You will be the first person to notice the symptoms of arthritis in your horse. You will have become intimately familiar, over the years, with the way your horse moves. You will notice when that early morning stiffness do not fade away after exercise. You will be the one who sees the swelling round the fetlocks, knees or hocks. Worst case scenario, you will be the one who calls in the vet. The first thing to do is to try not to worry too much. Arthritis is common in horses. It cannot be cured, but Read more [...]