Starting a massage business is not as easy or as difficult as most people think it is. You will face the same challenges any other business faces when starting up. With the right attitude and outlook, you can build a successful business while having fun doing what you love. Here are a few tips that will guide you as you start the process.

  1. Choose your business

Be clear about what you want to do so that you don’t waste time and money investing in the wrong equipment, marketing and missing opportunities. You need to figure out whether you will be mobile, home based or you will rent commercial premises. If you decide to do it at home, then you will need to inform the home owner and insurance company. You also need to figure out if you will be using your personal phone number or you will get one for business.

  1. Business Name

Choose a business name and check whether the name has already been registered. If you want your name to feature on the first page of business listings then it is wise to choose a name with early letters of the alphabet since businesses are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Check your budget

Cost is a major consideration since you will need massage equipment, massage products and even pay for rent. Be careful not to go for cheap items which are usually not of quality since it might cost you big time in the end.

  1. Get qualified

Carry out research on the type of qualifications needed before you start your business to determine the kind of qualification that suits you best. This will depend on the kind of massage you would like to specialize in. Getting qualified will give you the confidence to serve your clients well and you will also be able to display your qualifications with pride.

  1. Marketing

Choose your marketing strategy well and put your money in it. You will also need to invest a lot of time in marketing. Spending a lot of money in marketing doesn’t mean that you will be successful you therefore need to invest wisely.

  1. Furnish your space

Have a separate room for a massage or body rubs especially if you are doing it in your home. Ensure that the entrance to your personal home and the massage or body rub place is different. Have a parking space that is clearly marked. Decorate your place in such a way that is inviting and relaxing. Play some nice relaxing music, get some lovely scents, scented candles, invest in soft sheets and scented candles.

  1. Target market

It is important to know who your customers are before opening a massage therapy or body rub business. You will need to do market research and come up with your ideal customer profile. Find out the customer demographics such as age, gender price and customer preferences. This will help you when doing your marketing.

  1. Get a website

It is very important to have a strong online presence when you own a business. The website will help you communicate clients, give people information about your products and services and booking appointments. Most people research on a company online before making a decision on whether to purchase, so make sure to have an online presence. Set up a website and social media pages.

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