Significance of Awarding Medals

An award, whether won at the school level or at the international level, is precious for the winner. While the victor basks in the glory of his achievement, others turn green with envy though they may praise him/her for courtesy sake.

What plays on a person’s mind is the value of the medal or trophy and how it endorses the capability of a winner. Thus, medals or trophies can be considered works of art, as they are physical proof of a person’s talent. Also, it proves his superiority over those whom he had defeated.

When is Medals Awarded?

– As a mark of recognition to those excelling in academics.

– To winners of athletic and musical events.

– To Army and police officials for acts of valour.

We may be jealous of others’ achievements, but what we tend to ignore is the hard work behind it. A medal is an acknowledgement of an individual’s or a team’s hours of practice and dedication towards their vocation.

How does a Medal look like?

It is usually a metallic disc with inscriptions in bold colours. Often, certain symbols are also depicted on a medal. The symbols represent the awarding authority. According to practice, gold medals are awarded to the best performers, while those who follow next are honored with silver and bronze medals.Whenever, any event or competition is organized, the organizers first choose a logo that can be replicated on the medal. Once that is finalized, they place an order with medal manufacturers. The graphic designing team resizes the required logo and copies it on the disc. The sample is then sent to the organizers for approval. In case, the latter proposes any changes in the colour scheme of the design or makes amends in the text engraved on the medal, the graphic designers once again reworks the design to incorporate the new things. But making branded medals doesn’t take much time and one can place the order just two weeks in advance.

Branded logos are usually a pictorial representation of the event. For a sports competition, a running athlete might be put as the logo, while dancing figure might be emblem for a cultural meet.

Difference between Medals and Trophies

– The first and foremost difference is in the appearance. Medals are small circular discs, while trophies have a longish structure and often come in a glass casing.

– Trophies are usually awarded to a group or a team, while medals are handed out to individual achievers. A winning team may be given a trophy, but each member of the team gets a medal in appreciation of their effort.

In order to achieve something, one not only needs to outdo himself, but prove his prowess over his fellow competitors. Thus manufacturers of medals and trophies should be careful to use good quality metal so that the award can be preserved for life. Some medals aren’t sleek and good looking, but it is the value of the object that is of utmost importance as it stands for a person’s hard work. An award is an honor, so if a certain level of quality isn’t maintained while manufacturing it, it might dishonor a person’s ability.

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