Reasons for Hearing Loss Among Young People

images (6)Hearing is one of the five senses that we humans are blessed with. It is the ability to be able to listen to the amazing sounds of this world. However, there has been a significant rise in the cases where people complain of suffering from one or the other hearing problem and such cases are more prominent especially among young people.

One of the most severe issues being faced by youths all over the world is hearing loss. Being ignorant and not paying timely attention to minor hearing issues, often leads to complete or partial hearing loss. It is a condition that can have a detrimental impact on the life of the sufferer. Still there are ways to safeguard yourself and others around you from becoming the victims of this widespread problem. Mentioned here are some common reasons which are leading to hearing loss amongst youngsters.

Exposure to unbearably loud music is the biggest reason for the ever increasing problem of hearing loss among young people. Blaring speakers in the nightclubs are considered cool by youngsters. They love to be lost in the loud music, without realizing its consequences. In the clubs and discotheques the music is played at such a high volume that is not normal for our ears. Unable to bear this pressure, our ears start losing their ability to listen clearly. Constant buzzing sound and unable to make out clearly what the other person is saying even at a normal volume, are some of the symptoms of a budding hearing problem. If it is ignored, then it can slowly escalate and lead to complete hearing loss.

It would be unwise to think that by avoiding going to parties and nightclubs, one can save himself from the damaging impact of loud music. The earphones and headphones are other causes of this problem. Youngsters are commonly seen with earphones plugged in and hearing loud music from their mobile phones or using headphones while playing games. They find it enjoyable, however they fail to realize the damaging impact it has on their delicate ears.

Hearing loss is not always instant, but it gradually affects a person’s ability to hear. This is the reason why many people keep ignoring the problem initially and only pay attention to it only when the problem becomes unmanageable. Young people might not be able to realize the way they are damaging their ears and lives, thus it is the responsibility of elders, like parents and teachers, to make them aware of it.

While it is impossible to tell a youngster to shun his headphones completely, one should educate them about their right use. There is no problem in listening music through headphones, provided the volume of level is adequate and not too high. Also telling them to avoid standing too near to the speakers while at a club or party can save them from facing such a critical situation ever in their lives.

It is important to realize that hidden hearing loss does not only affect the sufferer physically, but it also negatively impacts all other spheres of his life as well, such as memory, mood, relationships, along with income. By understanding the reasons leading to hearing loss you can avoid this from happening to you or to anyone in your family and friends.


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