Process of Identifying a Brunswick Pool Table

The Brunswick Company is well-known for building and selling some finest and dependable pool tables of the world for more than 150 years. The use of heavier materials, the accuracy in craftsmanship and the perfect balance built into every Brunswick table makes it a popular choice for the buyers. These tables are more finely built and are very costly. However in due course of time the felt of the table become ripped, stained and worn out. As a result the tears in the felt affect the pool game played on the table. It is possible to recover a Brunswick pool table with a felt having a logo in the middle. If you recover this pool table, it will last for several years.


Nevertheless it is often challenging to know whether you are purchasing a real Brunswick table. You are required to weigh up several elements of the tables. Many of these aspects are difficult to access. You should know what to look for in a Brunswick model pool table and by checking these elements you can identify a Brunswick pool table.

Let’s have a look at the right process of identifying a Brunswick Pool Table:

Check the printed name

Look for the Brunswick name printed in large letters on the metal plate fixed to the outer rail or to the side of the pool table. At times it is a monogram included in the letter ‘B’ stamped on the metal plate fixed to the table and sometimes it’s the entire name.

Search for a metal plate

Search for a metal plate that runs all along the base of the rails and attaches the cushioned rail to the slate with metal bolts. Remember that the high performance nut plate is a unique element of Brunswick table and it has special washers used only for Brunswick pool tables.

Seek out dome-shaped washers

Seek out dome-shaped washers with sharp edges holding the nut plate in the right place. The hardened dome washers hold on to the base of the slate and they are unique to Brunswick pool tables.

Look for the labels below the felt covering

Check out the labels below the felt covering of the rail cushions. The labels will help to identify the cushions as authentic Brunswick Super Speed cushions. However this method will not be your choice if the rails are intact.

Verify the solid hardwood of the rails

Verify the solid hardwood of the rails. Keep in mind that the Brunswick pool tables are always created with solid hardwood. If you see that the rail is created with joined wood pieces, it will not at all be authentic.

Find out a recessed area below the cushion

Try to find out a recessed area below the cushion. A Brunswick table is created with a recessed area below the cushion where the felt is stapled down. It allows the rail to attach consistently to the slate surface.

Examine the table and slate joints

Check up the table and the slate joints. A Brunswick table has strong joints that make use of furniture making techniques such as pasting two wood pieces with alternating grain. Keep in mind that in an authentic table the joints supporting the surface of the slate table are ‘dovetail’ joints.

Inspect galvanized steel leg plates

Inspect the legs of a Brunswick pool table that are made up of galvanized steel plates. These plates are used for attaching the legs to the table. The plates sit on top of the legs in the corners of the underside of the table and are held in the right place with nuts and bolts.

Confirm to see the certified slate sticker

Confirm to check out the Brunswick certified sticker. Remember that it has a black print on a white background with the Brunswick logo and it is usually found beneath the slate.

Check out these processes to identify a Brunswick Pool Table and purchase an authentic one for your home.

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