Letting More Light Into Your Home With Discount Bamboo Shades

Light is part of many a celebration. Not only does light brighten mood, it also brings out the striking colors and tones in a room or an outdoor space. However, it may be the impact that light has on the human psyche that attracts people to natural and human-made lights. Concerning the benefits of light, the International Association of Lighting Designers reports that, “New studies show the quality of light affects people in many different ways. For example, office worker satisfaction and productivity can be positively affected by well-designed illumination.”

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Ample light entering your home brings benefits

Getting enough light while you’re outdoors is generally a no-brainer, especially if you live in tropical areas like Florida or Hawaii. Of course, during summer, getting exposure to ample sunlight is relatively easy regardless of where you live.


While indoors, getting sufficient lighting can present a challenge. The numbers and sizes of windows is a major reason why your home might not be as well lit as you’d like. Window treatments can also improve or hamper indoor lighting. Concerning window treatments, sheer curtains, sheer shades and discount bamboo blinds welcome more light into rooms.


To get maximum light with discount bamboo blinds and sheer shades, lift the window treatments while you’re inside your home. This allows more natural sunlight inside your home. “For all the advances in artificial lighting and the huge growth of energy-saving bulbs, there is still a lot to be said for allowing as much natural light into your home, and for as much of the day as possible,” according to Greener Ideal.


As interior design companies like Payless Decor realize, by hanging discount bamboo shades, sheer curtains and shades that aren’t sewn or woven so tightly that they block out light, you could even leave the window treatments pulled down, especially on bright days. Other ways to brighten your home include taking down heavy, dark drapes and curtains. It might also be worth it to add additional windows to your home.


It’s this interior design practice that builders put in place a century ago, reducing homeowners’ utility costs. To welcome more light into your home and save on utilities, you could also install ceiling windows. Greener Ideal shares that, “Roof lights are also a great option for your home. When located on a flat roof they make a considerable difference to the amount of light that is able to enter your home during the day, and can also add warmth when the sun is out.”


After installing lighter colored window treatments like discount bamboo shades and sheer curtains, you may want to reposition the furniture in your home. For example, you could move a sofa with a high back away from a window, placing the sofa along a wall that doesn’t have a window above it.


You could also place more tables in darker rooms and put more lamps on the tables in these darker rooms. Furthermore, if you use window treatments and other accessories that are made with natural materials (i.e. wood, reeds), you can make your home more environmentally safe. For example, painting your home lighter colors using more chemically safe paints can make your home safer for you and your entire family.








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