Know the difference between periodontist and an oral surgeon

Many people generally get confused between periodontist and an oral surgeon because it is really a daunting task to find out the exact difference as both of them perform oral procedures needed in a gum treatment. The time you decide to get your dental implant surgery it is very important that you must know the difference between both of them.

This article informed you about the periodontist and oral surgeon in order to clear your doubts.

Who is a periodontist?

A periodontist is the one who performs oral implants and helps you in keeping soft and hard tissues in your mouth healthy. They take care of your gums as they know that your gums are the foundational base of your teeth.

If you face any kind of gum disease it can be easily cured by any Experian dentist. But if it becomes words when you require a periodontist who will perform a gum disease surgery to cure your disease. The periodontist diagnoses and examine the situation and then only suggest the plan of action. He is an experienced doctor who can perform several treatments to cure your disease including root surface debridement root planning and scaling.

A periodontist is a qualified doctor who has the capability of surgically embedding oral implants. This kind of critical surgery cannot be performed by an ordinary dentist because it requires placement of artificial root in the jaw which holds a replacement tooth. This kind of surgery is preferred to those who have lost their teeth due to any periodontal disease. In brief, this kind of surgery is the recommended to be performed by an expert periodontist only because he performs the surgery in such a natural way that the patient feels that he never had any laser gum treatment.

Who is an Oral surgeon?

On the other hand, the dental surgeon is the one who specializes in doing different surgical procedures related to face, jaw,gums, and teeth. He specializes in fixing birth defects, eliminating cancerous tumor in the mouth and operating tooth extractions that are complex in nature. The dental surgeon can also perform different kinds of anesthesia.

The major difference between a Periodontist and Oral Surgeon?

One of the major differences between a periodontist and a dental surgeon is that the former performs on implants whereas the latter specializes in performing several surgical procedures on face, jaw, and mouth.

Also, the periodontist basically diagnoses and treat the problem related to periodontal disease whereas the oral surgeon performs different dental implants including placing of small titanium screws in the bone.

Moreover, a period on the test if a doctor who has completed 3 years of postgraduate study after completing his dental School. But in order to be an oral surgeon, one needs to learn many years of schooling after completing graduation from Dental School.

Therefore both are specialist in their own field and one who clearly knows about the functioning of both of them can choose the perfect option for himself.

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