How to Recover After a Flooding Incident

Floods are one of the most common environmental hazards here in the United States. Sadly, more states are starting to experience severe flooding each year because of climate change, illegal logging, and an increasing number of high-rise buildings. Being a victim of flooding is a very devastating experience. You can lose everything that you have worked hard for in just a few hours. In some cases where flooding can get very serious, it can lead to drowning and even death.

If your home just got flooded, it is essential to be on top of things. You need to do something to clean up your place and get back to your normal life. Here are several tips on how to move forward after experiencing major flooding.


What to expect after the floodwater starts to recede in your area?

Lots of debris

There will be lots of trash scattered around the area. Watch out for broken glass, branches, and other sharp objects that can cause severe cuts and infections. You can contact individual companies that specialize in junk removal in Miami Beach so they can send their employees to clear up your entire property.


No electricity

Expect that some power lines in your area will not be up and running for at least 24 to 72 hours. If a major storm has hit your area, expect the power outage to take longer than expected. For safety precautions never turn on any light switch or plug any of your appliances into the main outlet. Prepare to use your flashlights, candles, and emergency lamps for the next couple of days.


Absence of clean water

After the flooding, there is a big possibility that local pipelines are at risk of contamination. Before drinking water, make sure to boil it. If you have kids at home, it is best to stock up on bottled water. Drinking contaminated water can lead to severe diarrhea and other complications.


Food contamination

Just like your drinking water, any food that is inside your flooded refrigerator should no longer be cooked. It is best to settle for canned goods or easy to prepare meals for the meantime. Refrain from eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat products unless you are confident that it came from a reliable source.


Stagnant water

After the flood, make sure to clean your house right away. Start with draining all the dirty floodwater inside your home. Remember that stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquito eggs that can cause several types of deadly diseases. When conducting the cleanup, always remember to wear protective gear to keep you safe. Rubber boots, a face mask, and rubber gloves are some of the essential things that you need to have.

Lastly, make sure that you have enough cash to spend for the next few days. ATMs and banks may not be available at the moment because of the situation. You need the money to purchase some essentials such as disinfectant and cleaning agents, food, bottled water, and personal hygiene products. 

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