How to make a watch more valuable before selling it

1280px-PlanetoceanA watch of any age can be sold for a lot of money as long as it is in excellent condition. If

not, its owner might not be paid the asking price. When the decision has been made to sell

watches, the following should be considered so that the highest price is paid for it:

Have it serviced

A watch must be serviced before it is sold. When a watch is serviced, any underlying faults

are resolved. Any scratches that are on a watch’s casing can also be fixed. If a watch isn’t

serviced, it won’t be sold for its true value. Having a watch serviced also provides peace of

mind. If its owner decides not to sell it, they can wear it for a long time before it has to be

serviced again. On the other hand, when a watch is sold, potential buyers can be told that it

was only serviced recently. If a watch is sold on EBay, a Reserve Price might be surpassed

where a bidding war will more than likely happen.

Take a look at the prices for other watches

Before deciding to sell watches, the prices for other watches should be considered. Not only

can the prices that are charged by other owners be used for inspiration but the information

that is in an online listing can also be utilised. For example, other watch owners might have

done something completely different to boost the value of their watch. As well as including

photographs of a watch’s bracelet, other owners might have supplied a box that is the same

colour as the casing.

Provide many photographs

When a Rolex, Cartier or Omega watch is sold online, photographs can be taken of key areas.

Along with its bracelet and casing, photographs can be uploaded of a watch strap. When

many photographs are on an EBay or Amazon listing, potential buyers can look at them

before deciding if they should place a bid.

Supply an official box

An official box can increase the value of a watch that’s in any condition. If an official box

isn’t supplied, the asking price probably won’t be reached. It isn’t necessarily difficult to

buy an official box when the decision has been taken to sell watches. This is because it can

be bought from EBay or Amazon plus many other internet auction sites. As it doesn’t cost

a lot of money to buy an official box, it will be worth every penny, especially as its owner

could be paid more than they thought. By purchasing an official box from an online seller

that guarantees fast delivery, it won’t take a while to arrive. When wanting to sell a watch

relatively quickly, an official box can be bought from someone that guarantees a Next Day

delivery service. As accurate times are provided for a Next Day delivery service, its new

owner will know when it will arrive. A delivery company could even give a precise time.

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