Enjoying Italian Food on Your Next Vacation

If you go on a vacation to Italy, the food will be very important to you. Most people are actually surprised by the variety of food that is available in this country, mistakenly believing it is all about pizzas and pastas. Naturally, the pastas and pizzas in Italy are absolutely amazing and you shouldn’t forgo on those, but there are plenty of other delicacies as well. When you book on Globus Tours to Italy, you will have a chance to try some gorgeous dishes made from locally sourced ingredients and, naturally, a beautiful wine.

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Understanding Italian Food

Italian food is actually regional, so from the north, center or south. If you are in the north, you will really be surprised with how far removed the food will be from what you had expected. For instance, they use very little olive oil, preferring butter. And they don’t eat much pasta, choosing corn polenta and rice instead. Tomato sauce is rare. Instead, you will eat a lot of game like quail, rabbit and fowl. Do also try some of the local seafood dishes, particularly if you are in one of the coastal towns.

What people call ‘Italian food’ is very much from the center of the country. This where you will eat cheeses, tomato sauces and lots of olive oil. Plus, they do some amazing seafood in the coastal towns. This type of Italian food comes from the region of Tuscany, one of the country’s most beautiful areas and certainly worth a visit.

Move on to the south and you will be able to enjoy even more olive oil. Do use the opportunity to try it, actually, as very little of it is now exported. Spend some time in Naples, said to be the birth place of the pizza. But you should also try the citrus fruits and spend some time visiting the various vineyards. In fact, some of the best wines in the world come from the south of Italy.

When you are on a vacation in Italy, there will be hundreds of local restaurants for you to try. One way to sample more different dishes would be to enroll in a cooking class, or to choose a more culinary vacation. Culinary vacations tend to include wine tasting events and winery tours. Cooking opportunities exist for just a few hours to several days, so you can really create a package that is just right for you. Some of these cookery packages are actually hosted in the homes of local people, so it will also give you a unique opportunity to truly experience the local culture.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind if you do go on a vacation to Italy is that you cannot count calories. If you are, in any way, worried about putting some weight on, you may as well not go. Do also remember, however, that the Mediterranean diet is said to be the healthiest in the world. The issue is, however, that you will simply eat far too much.

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