Countering the National Issue of Obesity: How to Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

The UK has many things that it can take pride in, but the general levels of health and fitness showcased by its citizens is not one of them. At present, Britain is reported to have the highest rate of obesity in the whole of Western Europe, with only the U.S. reporting more cases among adults and children on an annual basis. Counteracting this is integral to the long term health of this generation and the next, so the current generation of adults and parents must shoulder significant responsibility in the quest to create a more health conscious Britain.

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Developing a Healthier Lifestyle: 3 Steps towards Achieving your Goals


With this in mind, it is clear that the prevailing attitude to weight loss and healthy living has a far reaching impact on the whole of the country. To achieve your own individual fitness goals and contribute towards a healthier society, consider the following: –


  • Set Clearly Defined Goals: The path towards attaining healthy living goals is changeable according to your own circumstances and needs. If you are overweight or clinically obese, however, it is crucial that you create set of clearly defined goals before you commit to a program of weight loss and regular exercise. Do not be afraid to consult with doctors and nutritional experts as you establish these goals, as this will help with determining a healthy ideal weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). You should also be prepared to manage your expectations, as weight loss in particular can take time, hard work and considerable discipline.


  • Track your Diet and Calorie Intake: Many people do not know where to start when embarking on a program of weight loss, but monitoring your diet and daily calorie intake is an excellent first step. It is impossible to determine your precise weight gain issues or develop a productive exercise regime without first recording how much you consume on a regular basis, as this will highlight specific problems or knowledge gaps that can be addressed. Technological advancement can help you in achieving this aim, as firms like have developed software that can be used to easily monitor calorie intake and assist you in developing an understanding of your consumption habits.


  • Avoid Fad Diets and Cyclical Weight Gain: The key to sustainable weight loss is simplicity, as the development of a balanced diet and compatible exercise regime remains the only way of developing a genuinely healthy lifestyle. While fad diets are often marketed as miracle solutions to the age of issue of weight gain, these often create an unhealthy attitude to food and have also been known to trigger a cycle of starvation and binge eating. With an understanding of your body’s needs and nutritional values, however, there is no reason why you cannot eat the foods that you enjoy in moderation and still maintain a healthy and manageable weight.

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