Why do you Need Dog Identity Tags

Whosoever it was that said ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ was a very wise man indeed! Pets do have a way of making one’s life more cheerful. The love that one receives from one’s pet- German shepherd or Golden Retriever or your Siamese cat is unconditional and incomparable. This is the reason why the very thought of losing a pet sends a shiver down the spine of all pet lovers. Importance of Pet ID Tag Dogs are playful by nature. There may be times when your dog will stay on to Read more [...]

What Happens When Your Horse Develops Equine Arthritis?

You will be the first person to notice the symptoms of arthritis in your horse. You will have become intimately familiar, over the years, with the way your horse moves. You will notice when that early morning stiffness do not fade away after exercise. You will be the one who sees the swelling round the fetlocks, knees or hocks. Worst case scenario, you will be the one who calls in the vet. The first thing to do is to try not to worry too much. Arthritis is common in horses. It cannot be cured, but Read more [...]