3 Ways to Search for a Person in Your Life

Are you missing someone you’d like to connect with sooner than later?

If the answer is yes how best to go about it?

From reaching out to people you know to help in the search to the Internet and more, you do have options.

So, is time to try and find someone you want to make contact with?

Where to Turn in the Search?

When looking for someone in your life, here are three ways to go about it:

  1. Reaching out to those you know – If looking for family or friend you’ve not seen or heard from, reach out to those you know. Someone in your circle of family or friends may know where the person is now. In fact, they may have some sort of contact with them. The bigger issue of course turns out to be if the individual being sought wants to be found to begin with. If they do not want to be located, it can make it that much more difficult to do so. You may have to be satisfied in knowing you tried to find them and they wanted to remain away now.
  2. Internet can help you – Another possibility to find one from your life over time would be the Internet. As an example, any chance they ended up having a run-in with the law at some point? If so, they may in fact be behind bars. If you think this is a possibility, going online and doing a CDCR inmate locator search is key. That search could track them down in a California jail or similar facility. In the event you think they may be in another state, see if you can do a similar inmate locator search elsewhere. If they have any kind of criminal past, then looking for them behind bars is of course not out of the question. The hope is you can find out what they are behind bars for, what their sentence is, and if they may want legal help.
  3. Going through the past – Depending on how long you’ve known the person and how well, you may note where they last lived. You might also remember their last place of employment. These can be things to make it easier to track them down at the end of the day. By relying on such knowledge, you could move a step closer to finding where they are now located. Another option would be any hometown newspapers where you know them to have last lived. They could have been in the news for any number of reasons, be they good or bad. Reach out to such newspapers both online and offline if you feel that would be worth your time and effort to do so.

In trying to track down a person from your life you want to find out about or even reconnect with, how will you do it and how soon do you plan to start on it?


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