What are those crazy shades?

When you walk down the street its not hard to be turning your head left and right at what some people are wearing on their faces. Foregoing everything else that people are wearing these days, sunglasses have become a major fashion statement. From shades that cover most of someone’s face, to some crazy pairs, its all out there. But one of our favorites that is guaranteed to turn heads are Oakley X-Metals! X-Metals became a favorite among sunglasses collectors because of their insane designs and Read more [...]

The Advantages Of Watching History Acted Out

There are places where you can go and see history acted out. This might be at a historical re-enactment, a renaissance fair or at a castle. It can be worth taking a look to see when events like this are happening near to where you live because you will then be able to go along and see one for yourself. It can be great to see this happen for a number of reasons. It can be educational, fun and entertaining all at the same time, which can be a great thing for all of the family to do together and to Read more [...]