Why Exercising Leads to a Healthy Skin

Many things have been said and written about how to achieve a healthy skin. Among the most common tips are healthy diet, plenty or rest, and supplements. Exercise as a skin health booster is hardly talked about. But in several studies, scientists revealed thatimages (6) physical exercise is one of the best secrets to maintaining a healthy, young-looking skin.

In what ways do exercising promotes healthy skin?

By increasing blood flow – blood is the carrier of nutrients, oxygen, vitamins and minerals needed by the body to stay fit and healthy. There are many factors that disrupt proper blood flow. This includes nerve injury, stress, and illness. By stimulating blood flow, exercise helps nurture the skin cells by supplying them all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Improved blood circulation also helps the body wash away the toxins, which cause skin damage. But contrary to what many people say, exercising doesn’t actually detoxify the skin. Detoxification is done by the liver. The increase in blood flow though, can flush away the toxins and harmful compounds from the body.

By reducing stress – engaging in physical exercises leads to the reduction of stress. Stress is a condition which has been linked to so many health problems including skin diseases. It also aggravates existing skin problems such as acne. Although there are no firm scientific findings that correlate stress with unhealthy skin, studies show that the production of sebum (oil in the skin) by the sebaceous glands is influenced by stress.

By toning muscles – you might wonder, what’s the connection between toned muscles and healthy skin? According to experts, although they have no direct effect, toned muscles makes your skin look firmer and more beautiful.

Potential Dangers of Exercise to Skin Health

Although it is a great method to promote healthy skin, exercising may pose potential risks too. The biggest danger would be too much sun exposure. Fortunately, there are exercises that can be done at home or in any indoor setting. If you want to exercise in an open field, make sure you protect your skin from extreme UV rays by applying sunscreens which has sufficient level of SPF. Too much physical workout can also lead to skin dryness. This is because your body tends to flush away more water as you perspire. Drinking more water before and after workout is important to stay hydrated. Furthermore, you may need to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program. This is to ensure that the workout routine you’re following will not pose any risk to your health.

No doubt – exercising is the key to a healthy skin. Adding it to your lifestyle can put an end to your skin health issues.